Originally Posted: Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wow, it is amazing that we are launching a new version of the Women in SharePoint website already on the SharePoint 2013 platform.  It seems like just yesterday that the thought came up to form this group and we started down the road to provide a network for women to engage and network together.  In truth it was several years ago, 4 to be precise. That small idea has become a popular group that has continued to grow beyond our wildest expectations.

Women in SharePoint is a labor of love run by women for women. It is that extra bit of time each day that we can use to help others, and that is what makes it so rewarding.  As one of the founding board members of the group I am amazed at all the growth and being included in this year’s official Microsoft SharePoint Conference just goes beyond my wildest dreams for where we would be in such a short period of time.

I am truly honored to bring my passion for this topic to groups of women. As much as I like to think that today’s society has moved past the double standards of yesteryear it is simply not 100% true. Women in SharePoint continue to face obstacles in growing their careers. Having a group like Women in SharePoint where you can be open and ask for advice is one of the best ways that some women get to learn about different methods and opinions for dealing with tricky situations.

As we were preparing for the SharePoint Conference we came across a couple of great articles that help explain just a few motivations and challenges.


Where Women Find the Value of ‘Leaning In’
Why Women Still Can’t Have It All

Look for me at the conference and come say hi. I’d love to share my stories with you if you need or want to understand why this group is so important to me.

Also make sure you join us for the meetup in the Welcome Reception at 7pm in the Expo Hall and at the luncheon on Wednesday. We will also be participating in the SPCTV recordings on Wednesday morning.
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